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Abstract Figure

* Abstract Figure New


* Crystal Animals

* Crystal Birds

* Crystal Cats

* Crystal Crafts
* Crystal Dogs

* Crystal Figurines

* Crystal Flowers

* Crystal Gifts
* Crystal Hanging Pieces
* Crystal Iceburgs
* Crystal Miniatures

* Crystal Paperweights

* Crystal Perfume Bottles

* Crystal Souvenirs

* Crystal Teddy Bears

* Crystal Trophies

* Crystal Wildlifes


* Polyresin Bobbleheads

* Polyresin Collectible Dogs

* Polyresin Figurines 

* Polyresin Sport Themes

Company Profile

Green Field Arts Limited is a truly diversified company with all the resources that are required to fulfill the needs of even the most exacting client. Our specialty is the development of OEM & ODM - from conception to production to shipping-that satisfies the needs of our customers in a timely, creative manner. Our product line ranges from the exquisite crystal and marble arts products, to our versatile earth-resin figurines and Bobbleheads. Our products are individually hand-painted, and we have the expertise to work with the customer in the development of distinctive packaging for their products. We also benefit from the increased development and production capacity that our two factories make possible. During our twelve year history, we have produced items for such demanding customers as Hollywood movie studios, professional sports teams, large retailers, athletic leagues, and multinational corporations. All of this expertise is just an email away for anyone with a requirement for quality and service, at the right price.

Hong Kong Office:
Green Field Arts Ltd.
Room D6, Floor 8, Block A, Universal Industrial Centre, 19-21 Shan Mei Street, Shatin, Hong Kong
Tel: (852) 2331-8077  
Fax: (852) 2759-5580
Contact Person: Mr. Ray Wong

China Crystal Factory: 
Lianyungang Tiger Crystal Products Ltd. 
Taishang Road East, Economic Development Area, Lianyungang, Jiangsu Province, China
Tel: (86) 518-2348856  
Contact Person: Mr. Andy Choi

China Resin Factory: 
Quanahou Lupou Gifts Co., Ltd. 
Fenghui West Road, Beifeng, Quanzhou, Fujiam, China
Tel: (86) 595-22882951
Contact Person: Mr. Zhui

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